About us


CAFCA is the only cable manufacturer in Zimbabwe. It was established in 1947 and is listed under the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange, Johannesburg and London Stock Exchanges. CAFCA is part of CBi Electric African Cables (RSA), which in turn is owned by Reunert Limited (RSA).

Products & Markets

CAFCA manufactures and supplies cable and allied products for the transmission and distribution of electronical energy and information primarily in Southern and Central Africa. We manufacture over nine hundred cabling products including 11KV XLPE cables.

CAFCA offers a toll manufacturing option to all its customers who can access key raw materials such as copper and aluminium, which are converted at the cost of value addition. We are currently engaged in toll manufacturing for the South African Cable market through CBi Electric African Cables.

CAFCA also recovers decommissioned cables for recycling within a legal and environmental friendly framework. Reccovered cables can be exchanged for other products within our manufacturing range.

Manufacturing Standards

  1. Standards Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ)
  2. SAZ 240-Electrical cables within extruded solid dielect 300/500V, 1900/3300V
  3. South African National Standards (SANS, formerly SABS)
  4. SANS 1507-PVC Distribution cable rated 300/500V and 1900/3300V
  5. SANS 1418-2 Aerial Bundled Conductor
  6. SANS 1339-XLPE insulated cable rated 3.8/6.6kV and 19/33kV
  7. British Standards (BS)
  8. BS 215 Part 1:1970-Specification for aluminium conductors
  9. International Electro-technical Commission (IEC)
  10. IEC 502-Extruded solid dielectric insulated power cables 11kV and 30kV
  11. South African Post Office (SAPO)
  12. British Post Office (BPO)
  13. BPO CW 1127 - Aerial Distribution Telephone Cable (self supporting)
  14. BPO CW 1128 - Jelly filled cellulle polyethylene telephone cable
  15. Post & Telecommunications (PTC)
  16. Underground cables and Aerial Distribution copper cables
  17. **We also make products to Customer's own specification**

Quality Management Standards

  1. Accreditated to ISO 9001:2000

Environmental Managament Standards

  1. Accreditated to ISO 14001:2004 (1st company to gain accreditation in Zimbabwe in 1999


ZESA Annual Supply Contracts

  1. Low voltage armoured cable: 1985-98, 2000-03
  2. All Aluminium Conductor:1988-99,2001-03

Anglo Annual Supply Contract 1985-2000

BHP Annual Supply Contract 1996-1999

Botswana Power Corporation
  1. Split concentric Annual supply Contract 2000-2004

Botswana Ministry of Health
  1. Annual Supply of Low smoke and fume white stripe cables 2000-2004

African Cables (South African)
  1. Monthly delivery of 600/1000V Red Stripe to SANS 1507 2003 to date

Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI)
  1. Industrial Exporter of the year 1st Runner up 2005

Econet Energy Efficiency Award of the year 2011
  1. 1st runner Up

  1. Manufacturing Winner 2012