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Attention to quality is one of the reasons for our continued success. Emphasis at all levels is placed on our endeavor to achieve product performance, safety and reliability.

To this end all company activities from design through to production, inspection and dispatch are fully controlled, documented and under regular review.

Currently we hold quality systems and product approvals from a number of authorities both national and international.

Examples of these are listed below: - Standard Association of Zimbabwe quality approval: SAZ300 - South African Bureau of Standards Specification: 1507 - ISO 9000 and 1400 series



CAFCA’s primary market is Southern and Central Africa, though the organization has made exports to as far as Uganda and Russia.


We recycle copper in exchange for products for licensed business only. Using (LME) Landon Metal Exchange rates.


CAFCA won the 2015 Exporter of the year award of the Household and Electrical Goods sector. Ceremony was hosted by ZIMTRADE and was held on the 21th October 2016.

Other news

We are now certified to manufacture 11kv cables.

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